Kaskade's Immersive 360 Video

Fly above the XS Nightclub dance floor, take in the party from the confetti’s viewpoint, and get up close and personal with one of the world’s best electronic music DJs, Kaskade. A new partnership with Immersive Media showcases the first video of its kind, giving you a 360-degree vantage point from inside one of the world’s premier nightlife venues.

This debut video captures the opening of Kaskade’s unforgettable set on Halloween night at XS. The featured technology allows you to jump from various parts of the venue and move the camera to look down on the DJ booth, turn in time to see the confetti cannons release and even pan the pool deck.

Immersive Media has pioneered and is currently leading the creation and distribution of full motion, 360-degree, interactive video. The company specializes in providing a platform for the capturing, storage, editing, distribution and playback of 360-degree content.

Stay tuned because this insane collaboration with XS and the other Wynn Las Vegas venues will bring even more videos to be unveiled in the near future.

After you've immersed yourself in this 360 video, visit the Wynn Social event calendar and get your tickets to see Kaskade LIVE on New Year's Eve (RESERVE).