Dillon Francis Drops 'One Deeper' Director's Cut Interview

Dillon Francis is a guy that wears many hats, music producer, DJ, Wynn Nightlife Artist…comedian. When he’s not completely lighting up a DJ set here at Wynn, in the studio or on the road, you can most likely find Mr. Francis dabbling wholeheartedly in the comedic arts. From alter egos to pet pinatas (Hey Gerald!), Dillon Francis leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding ways to keep his doting fans entertained.

This past week, fans were greeted with an amusing director’s cut of DJ Hanzel's, a.k.a. Dillon’s, hilarious interview series, “One Deeper”. On this week’s drop, fellow Wynn Nightlife Artist Alesso was in the hot seat and let’s just say it definitely takes a lot of skill to keep a straight face while listening to Hanzel’s questionable German…or…Dutch….or maybe a mix of the two, accent.

Laugh your way into the week with “One Deeper” On YouTube.

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