Hold 'Em for A Cause

Poker Charity Tournament benefitting The Shade Tree

January 16, 2019

  1. The Wynn Nightlife Hold 'Em for a Cause Charity Poker Tournament (the "Tournament") benefitting The Shade Tree, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization is open to anyone who: (a) is at least 21 years of age, (b) registers for the Tournament; and (c) pays the $150 USD entry fee, which consists of the $130 Buy-In that is a donation to The Shade Tree, plus a $20 registration fee (collectively the "Tournament Fee") prior to the start of the Tournament.
  2. Tournament Fees must be paid in full to The Shade Tree prior to the start of the Tournament in the form of cash, check, or credit card.
  3. Wynn Las Vegas reserves the right to invite up to five (5) players to participate in the Tournament without paying the Tournament Fee in its sole discretion. However, all invited players are responsible for purchasing any applicable re-buys or add-ons.
  4. Prior to the start of the Tournament, Wynn Las Vegas reserves the right to cancel or modify the Tournament or any element thereof at any time, for any reason and without prior notice or liability. In the event the Tournament is canceled in its entirety, Tournament fees received will be refunded.
  5. Players must pick up their Table Assignment Card at Tournament Registration on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Players must present their Table Assignment Card to Tournament Staff at his/her assigned table prior to the commencement of play.
  6. Each player will begin with 10,000 in no cash value tournament chips.
  7. Tournament play will take place at the Wynn Poker Room located at Encore on Wednesday, January 16, 2019, beginning at 6:30 p.m. When ten (10) players remain (at approximately 11:00 p.m.), the Tournament will be paused for a tournament chip count and for the players and their tournament chips to be moved to the final table in the Living Room at Intrigue nightclub.
  8. The Tournament will use a standard No-Limit Texas Hold'em format.
  9. Rebuys for $100 USD will be available for the first one and one half (1.5) hours of Tournament play (the "Rebuy Period") to players who have 10,000 or fewer tournament chips remaining. A player purchasing a rebuy will receive 10,000 in tournament chips.
  10. At the end of the Rebuy Period, a one-time "add-on" will be available to all players for $100 USD, regardless of tournament chip count. A player purchasing the add-on will receive 15,000 in tournament chips.
  11. Each player may purchase unlimited rebuys during the Rebuy Period as well as one (1) add-on at the conclusion of the Rebuy Period.
  12. All rebuy and add-on proceeds will be paid directly to The Shade Tree as a donation.
  13. The top 10 finishers in the Tournament will win the Tournament prizes.
  14. A bonus prize will be awarded for the player with the highest tournament chip count at the conclusion of the Rebuy Period. Should two (2) or more players have the same highest tournament chip count, the prize will be awarded through a random card draw.
  15. A bonus prize will also be awarded for the player who purchased the most individual rebuys at the conclusion of the Rebuy Period. Should two (2) or more players have the same highest number of rebuys purchased, the prize will be awarded through a random card draw.
  16. The random card draw will consist of each applicable player receiving one (1) card as one (1) hand. The player with the highest value card will receive the applicable bonus prize. For purposes of the random card draw, an ace card will be considered to have the highest value. Cards that share the same value will be ranked by suit in the following order, from highest to lowest: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs.
  17. At management's discretion, one player per table will be designated as a bounty at the completion of the registration period. The player who eliminates a Bounty will win a prize. If multiple players eliminate a bounty with the poker hand of the exact same value, all winners with a tournament chip count equal to or greater than the Bounty prior to the start of the hand will win a prize. Bounties are permitted to win prizes in the Tournament.
  18. All players will receive initial seating cards at the start of the Tournament. A player must be at their seat by the time the last card hits the dealer button on the initial dealing round or the player will have a dead hand. "At their seat" means within reach of the player's chair.
  19. In the event a player is not in their seat once Tournament play begins, they will be blinded off until they arrive or until their tournament chip stack is eliminated.
  20. There will be a redraw for seating and for the button placement once the final table has been reached. Tournament play will use a dead button.
  21. Standard Poker Tournament Directors Association and Wynn Las Vegas poker rules apply unless in conflict with the Tournament Rules, in which case the Tournament Rules shall prevail.
  22. The Floor Person or Tournament Director will consider the best interests of the game and fairness as the top priority in the decision-making process. Unusual circumstances can, on occasion, dictate that the technical interpretation of the rules be ignored in the interest of fairness.
  23. Levels may be adjusted to accommodate the Tournament time limit.
  24. When raising, the player must either put the amount of the raise out in one motion or state his/her raise amount. If the player states the amount, the player may make more than one motion.
  25. All cards will be turned face up once a player is all-in and all action is complete.
  26. A player who exposes his/her cards during the play MAY incur a penalty, but will not have his/her hand killed.
  27. Anytime when facing a bet or a blind, placing a single oversized tournament chip in the pot is a call if a raise isn't first verbally declared. To raise with an oversized tournament chip, raise must be declared before the tournament chip hits the table surface. If raise is declared (but no amount), the raise is the maximum allowable for that tournament chip. When not facing a bet or a blind, placing an oversized tournament chip in the pot without declaration is a bet of the maximum for that tournament chip.
  28. Verbal declarations as to the content of a player's hand are not binding; however, at the Tournament Director's discretion, any player deliberately miscalling his/her hand may be penalized.
  29. Verbal declarations in turn are binding. Action out of turn may be binding.
  30. Dealers cannot kill a winning hand that was turned face up and was the winning hand.
  31. If a dealer kills an unprotected hand, the player will have no redress and will not be entitled to his/her money back.
  32. All tournament chips must be visibly displayed at all times. Players shall not have tournament chips out of sight at any time. A player who has chips in his/her pocket will forfeit those tournament chips.
  33. Players going from a broken table to fill in seats assume the rights and responsibilities of the seat.
  34. Tables will be consolidated.
  35. During table coordinating, when moving players, players will be moved from the big blind into the worst position.
  36. A player who wants to talk on a cellular phone must step away from the table and is allowed to do so only when a hand is not in play. Talking on a cellular phone is not permitted while the player has a hand in play.
  37. Friendly conversation is permitted during Tournament play, but coaching is NOT allowed.
  38. Communication, either verbal or visual (e.g. signaling), will not be permitted between players and spectators. Failure to comply may result in penalties up to and including disqualification and forfeiture of any prize.
  39. A player may not use profane, abusive or derogatory language at or about another player or any member of the Tournament Staff. In Tournament Director's sole discretion, failure to comply may result in penalties up to disqualification and forfeiture of any prize.
  40. English is the official Tournament language. Conversations between players in any other language will not be permitted while a hand is in play. Failure to comply may result in penalties up to disqualification and forfeiture of any prize money.
  41. Smoking is NOT permitted at the Tournament tables.
  42. A penalty MAY be invoked if a player exposes any card with action pending, throws a card off the table, violates the one-player-to-a-hand rule, or similar incidents take place. Penalties WILL be invoked in cases of soft play, abuse, or disruptive behavior. Penalties may include verbal warnings and "missed hand" penalties. Except for a one-hand penalty, missed hand penalties will be assessed as follows: The offender will miss one hand for every player, including the offender, who is at the table when the penalty is given multiplied by the number of rounds specified in the penalty. For the period of the penalty, the offender shall remain away from the table but will continue to be dealt in. Tournament Director or Floor Person can assess a one-hand penalty, one-, two-, three-, or four- round penalties or disqualification. A player who is disqualified shall have his/her tournament chips removed from play. Repeat infractions are subject to escalating penalties
  43. No substitute players will be allowed.
  44. In case of a dispute, it is the player's responsibility to bring it to the attention of the Tournament Director or Floor Person prior to the next hand.
  45. Collusion between players will not be accepted by Wynn Las Vegas and will lead to disqualification.
  46. A player may be eliminated from play if the player is in violation of any of the Tournament rules, or the player voluntarily withdraws.
  47. All prizes will be non-cash. Tournament prizes will be valued at a minimum of $300 for last place and will increase with each higher placement levels. Bounty prizes will be valued at a minimum of $500. All prizes are subject to change; however, no prize will be replaced with anything of lesser value.
  48. In the event a player's entry, Re-Buy or Add-On fee was paid by another person, if applicable, the player is considered the winner and will be awarded the prize(s) and is responsible for any applicable taxes and all other fees.
  49. Players and their guests must be at least 21 years of age.
  50. Wynn Las Vegas reserves the right to disqualify any person before, during or after the Tournament.
  51. Subject to the Gaming Control Board’s appeals process, all decisions made by Wynn Las Vegas Management or the Tournament Director are considered final.
  52. Donations to The Shade Tree are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Players should consult with their tax advisor with any questions.
  53. Problem Gamblers HelpLine 800-522-4700. Know Your Limits®.